Conscious Mating: Are We Compatible?

With David Steele and Linda Marshall

Compatibility is a choice, and is not pre-determined. However, we do have a unique combination of personality traits, values, life vision, requirements, wants, and needs that will result in getting along with some people easier than others.

In Conscious Mating we advocate being conscious of who you are and choosing a compatible partner. But how? There are so many ways of describing and measuring personality and many models and opinions about compatibility that it’s very confusing, unless you’re pioneering anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher (who is consulting with us on this topic).

In this program you learn:

  • How your personality impacts your relationships
  • A simple method of determining your own personality profile
  • Which dominant personality traits are compatible, and which are not.
  • Dr. Helen Fisher’s brand new model of Four Love Types (as seen in this month’s issue of Psychology Today and Oprah Magazine)
  • How to determine your own “Love Type”
  • What Love Types are compatible with you
  • And more!

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