Conscious Mating: Finding Lasting Love by Experiencing Your Experience

With David Steele and Linda Marshall

When singles become couples, each partner has different hopes and dreams, wants and needs, attitudes and experiences. These differences too often result in relationship failure and disappointment when one or both partners attempt to mold the relationship and their partner to fit what they want, rather than accepting and embracing “what is. While we must have a vision and requirements and choose a partner and relationship aligned with what we want, we can’t be so rigid we reject reality. How do we let go of needing perfection without settling for less than what we really want?
In this Tele-Seminar you will learn:

  • How to let your “experience” guide your heart and head in a pre-committed relationship
  • Top ten attitudes necessary for lasting love
  • What Greek mythology can teach us about pre-commitment
  • Top three dating traps that interfere with experiencing what’s real for you
  • Three stages of pre-committed relationships
  • A simple, yet powerful triad for creating conscious relationships

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