Conscious Mating: Should We Live Together?

With David Steele and Linda Marshall

When singles become couples the most common next step is moving in together. It is a common misconception that living together is a good way to test compatibility for marriage and minimize risk of divorce.


  • The cohabitation rate has skyrocketed over 1200% since 1960
  • 80% of these relationships are doomed to failure
  • The divorce rate is higher for couples who cohabitate prior to marriage

While we don’t judge cohabitation to be good or bad, it’s a personal choice and people will do it anyway, our goal in this program is to provide you the information and strategies needed to make effective choices about when, and if, to enter a living together arrangement.

In this program you learn:

  • The role of inertia and momentum in living together
  • Top 6 myths of living together
  • Top 6 reasons for living together
  • Three types of cohabitators
  • Guidelines for conscious cohabitation

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