The Chemistry of Love

Helen Fisher, Ph.D.

Pioneering anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher shares her as-yet-unpublished research (unless you count. Oprah Magazine and Psychology Today) proposing Four Psychological Types, the neuro-chemicals that determine each type, and the role of these four types in relationship compatibility.

Dr. Fisher proposes that humans have evolved four very broad basic biological personality profiles:

  • Explorer
  • Builder
  • Negotiator
  • Director

Dr. Fisher’s research shows that each type corresponds with variations in the neural systems for dopamine, serotonin, estrogen and testosterone. Each biological type is predisposed to think and act in predictable ways.

In this program you learn:

  • Four love types found in all romantic relationships
  • The role of neuro-chemicals in determining each type
  • Compatibility strengths and weaknesses of each type in long-term relationships
  • How to determine your Love Type
  • Which types you’re compatible with and how to spot them

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