Your Emotions As Spiritual Guides

With Ilene Dillon

Humans are waking up to the incredible importance of emotions. Available to us 24-7, emotions form the human guidance system, telling us the best action to take in any situation. Each emotion offers a different ‘signal.’ Knowing and working with those signals enhances both mundane and spiritual life, and opens the door to deeply intimate relating.

Relationships are both art and skill. This workshop combines both, and will give you understanding, tools and information that will enable you to enhance all the relationships of your life with power and Spirit.

In this program you will learn:

1)  A simple paradigm through which to view the spiritual purpose of relationships

2)  The true role of emotions in life including the message of 5 common emotions

3)  A four-step method for working with emotions that we learn from animals, very useable for human animals!

4)  How to use Resonance to move past interpersonal difficulties involving strong emotion

5) The Power of the 72 Hour Rule and how to apply it in your relationship

6) Four spiritual principles to guide all your interactions in relationship

7)  How to Partner together to work with emotions, enhancing mutual personal and spiritual growth

Bonus Program!

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